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A digital tool with a mission

Ess3ntial: a tool with a mission

Whether your organization launches a marketing campaign, develops a product or introduces a new technology, you need to coordinate and synchronize the activities of people not necessarily sitting in the same office, in the same country or in the same time zone.

The effective deployment of the competencies necessary to perform these activities must be based, first and foremost, on their real availability. The synchronization must be “realistic”. 

We call “management” the synchronization of these competencies across different “projects”. This is what organizations do: they manage a network of interconnected projects deploying a designated pool of resources and the competencies they bring. In order to do it you need a powerful algorithm, NOT just a colourful dashboard.

This is why we developed Ess3ntial: a platform, powered by a unique  algorithm of synchronization, that allows you to leverage the time of every single available competence. So, please, stop shuffling activities on a board and start managing your projects for real.

Welcome to Ess3ntial -Human Intelligence at work

Ess3ntial engenders a Deming-Goldratt based approach to managing organizations. It is called “The Decalogue” and it was devised to provide knowledge, methods and thought processes to transform complex organizational challenges into manageable networks of value through synchronized activities.

Power Of Managing

A new, inherently systemic design emerges from understanding the power of managing truly available resources, one that allows companies to overcome the prevailing hierarchical, silo based, organizational model and all its limitations when it comes to managing flows of activities. We call it Network of Projects.

Pool Of Competencies

Ess3ntial challenges Top Management to think of the organization as a pool of competencies that work together for well understood and scoped goals. Whether all in one place or distributed around the world, Ess3ntial allows you to bring together on one platform all the competencies you need to accomplish any interdependent set of activities necessary to achieve your goals.

Decentralized work environment

In any decentralized work environment, Ess3ntial provides transparency and accountability for the deployment of available competencies via a sophisticated algorithm for synchronization.

Competence and Cooperation

Ess3ntial ushers in a new paradigm of work based on competence and
cooperation, fuelled by the desire to be part of something
meaningful and shared.

Organization as a system

Ess3ntial was born out of a precise idea: an organization is essentially the set of activities it deploys to achieve its goals. These activities are carried out by a finite pool of resources, each capable of performing a number of competence-driven tasks. Creating a culture of continuous improvement means, then, to foster the development of these competencies and orchestrate them cohesively. Management in this way becomes the art and science of coordinating these competencies. The thought process embedded in Ess3ntial mirrors precisely this idea and at its core there is a “Human” Intelligence Algorithm (as opposed to “Artificial”) that prompts you to stay coherent with the systems view of the organization.

Ess3ntial is an elegant solution – a bold approach and a simple one. As such, no one said it will be easy. It is not meant to be used just as a Critical Chain software. It provides a missing piece – a tool to nudge the organization towards acquiring the collaborative spirit that Critical Chain is meant to bring forth, but with a boost: project planning based on competencies. To me, this is the breakthrough and standout element. I believe it shifts our focus from just projects and outcomes to people and culture.

Dr. Javier Arevalo

Partner / Director Goldratt Consulting,
Latin America